Production Services

Rental Inventory

You know what equipment you require, and you know how to install and operate it. 

Masque Sound’s rental shop offers a deep inventory of professionally maintained, quality pro audio equipment. We offer consultation and design services if required, or the ability to simply rent audio equipment based on your needs list. Our gear remains state of the art, and our standards for quality control ensure that your event is receiving the finest possible audio equipment.

Audio Experts

You need help deciding what equipment to use, but you have the technicians to install and operate it.

Our team of professional, engaged audio experts are ready to draw on a knowledge base that stretches back to 1936, providing your next live event with services that range from design through implementation and operation, conveniently packaged. As the original audio rental shop in the Broadway community, Masque Sound has decades of experience, long standing relationships, and an unparalleled commitment to customer service.

Full Service A/V Production

You know the experience you want to provide for your audience, but don’t know what equipment to use, and don’t have the technicians to install or operate it.

Masque Sound offers comprehensive, professional audio services for your next live event, including a wide selection of pro sound gear, experienced system design or assistance, dedicated logistics, total implementation, and professional, seamless operation. Services are available a la carte or bundled. Our goal is to fill the needs in your live production – in whatever capacity we are  needed. Masque’s experience includes corporate events, concerts, experiential events, conferences, pop ups, broadcast, and more!

Masque Sound brings a range of audio expertise from concerts and live theater to corporate events, conferences, broadcasting, and up-fronts and other live events.

From the smallest event to the international stage, countless productions and clients rely on Masque Sound to get the job done right.

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