Since 1936 Masque Sound has been providing audio expertise, pro sound reinforcement equipment and expert service for theater, broadcast, and most recently, permanent installations. Our staff is comprised of passionate, dedicated individuals, most of whom have been working in the pro sound business for decades and are passionate about audio. We sleep, eat, and drink sound, on the job and in our spare time. For most of us pro sound is the only life we’ve ever known. We believe our experience, passion, and dedication to excellence are what separates Masque Sound from our competitors.

What We're Saying


Customer service is the basis for all success at Masque Sound. Our concerns for solving our client's technical challenges in the most creative, efficient and cost-effective way has continued to be a key element in our on-going success.”
Geoff Shearing, President


“Masque is unique in that we're reliably able to deliver on a client’s special requests. To be able to confidently say “Yes, we know how and yes, we can!” rather than “No, that’s too difficult” is rewarding – for us and for our clients.”
Gary Stocker, Technical Director


"Here at Masque Sound, we're creative problem solvers. We have a wealth of varied resources we can draw from in order to anticipate and solve our clients' problems."
Scott Kalata, Director of Sales


We're committed to following through. The easy work happens in the beginning and the difficult parts come later. We end the job strong, and end it well. We leave the client feeling 'Wow they did a great job, even when the going got tough!' That’s what sets Masque apart."
Matthew Peskie, Installations Department Manager